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Banyule Council backs e-waste scheme

Banyule Council has agreed to support a national recycling scheme for electronic waste, but wants the Federal Government to implement legislative controls.

A decision on the national scheme is expected to be made on November 5 when state and federal environment ministers gather for an Environment Protection and Heritage Council meeting.

Councillors last Monday said there would be a free, one-off, drop-off collection day for electronic waste until an evaluation report was brought to the council, and legislation introduced to ensure responsible recycling.

The council doubted a “custom model” - whereby manufacturers are responsible for the collection and disposal of electronic waste - would succeed without a legal framework.

The decision comes months after environmentalists called on the council to support the national recycling scheme (E-waste scheme transmits, Heidelberg Leader, May 26).

Environment Victorian campaigner Fraser Brindley said he was pleased to see the council “getting on board”.

“Ministers are meeting in November this year, and Banyule’s position is really helping to put the pressure on the Federal Government to do the right thing,” Mr Brindley said.

“At the moment, all ratepayers are paying for the price of dumped TVs and computers, but it really should be looked after federally.”

The council report stated there were many e-waste recycling providers in Melbourne, but few were located close to Banyule, and most required the public to not only pay for the services, but also transport the waste to the recycling premises themselves.

According to council estimates, 4700 televisions are discarded to landfill in Banyule each year.


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