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Blitz on charity dumping in Windsor

TELEVISIONS that don’t work, broken mattresses and filthy clothing are among so-called donations illegally dumped at Windsor Salvos.

Environmental Protection Authority officers began a blitz on rubbish left at charities on Saturday. The crack down winds up today.

Windsor Salvos manager Maria Setti said dumping was becoming more of a problem for opportunity shops, with staff and volunteers at her Chapel St store forced to sift through junk left outside before opening each morning.

“We don’t want to turn people off donating because a lot of those donations are fantastic,” Ms Settie said.

“But people aren’t necessarily donating, they’re dumping garbage and it means a lot of extra work and exhaustion for us.

“We get burnt out because we just don’t have the staff to cope.”

EPA chief executive John Merritt said the National Association of Charitable Recycling Organisations had asked for the authority’s help in dealing with the problem, which costs Victorian charities almost $5 million a year.

“Unfortunately up to 40 per cent of all donations left at charity bins or outside stores cannot be resold and ends up in landfills,” Mr Merritt said.

NACRO spokesman Donald Munro said the organisation’s members valued the generosity of the donating public, but were increasingly being seen as “soft targets” for the dumping of unwanted household waste.

“Charities are no different to any other organisation in that we have to pay to dispose of anything we cannot sell, resulting in escalating costs and a reduction in the money available for the causes we represent,” Mr Munro said.


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