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Breakfast on the Bridge

It's the event that has captured the imagination of Sydney and, soon, the world. Breakfast on the Bridge is set to be the world's most unlikely morning picnic location, as 6,000 lucky ballot-winners kick back with perhaps the planet's most picturesque bacon and egg roll between 6.30 and 8.30am on Sunday 10 October.

From over 40,000 entries only 6,000 Sydneysiders have been chosen for this extra special event on the Sydney Harbour Bridge - the spectacular centrepiece of Crave Sydney.

Crave Sydney is a festival billed as "31 days of food, outdoor art and fun". And like Vivacity and Vivid before it, Crave has corralled the best of Sydney under one banner. If spring hit Sydney in style in September, Crave in October is where it will peak.

But behind the fantasia of the Crave imaginarium is a lot of hard yakka.

Over 10,000 square metres of grass transported directly from a NSW grass farm will be rolled out along the bridge deck to create a true picnic experience never to be forgotten.

The Kikuyu turf will be laid on the bridge from pylon to pylon across six lanes and will take a squadron of Sydney labourers three hours to lay. There are thousands of pre-cut 1.2 metre x 17 metre rolls of turf to be delivered by eight semi-trailers where they'll be given to eight commercial turf laying machines to lay.

The sustainability of the operation has been a key consideration throughout. Green Sydneysiders will be delighted to hear that at the conclusion of the event, the grass will be relocated and put to good use within local communities.

Source: Time Out Sydney

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