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Talks on Bulla waste

Community consultation on the proposed green-waste processing site in Bulla will be held on December 14.

Hume Council infrastructure director Steve Crawly said the council, the proposed tenderer Veolia Environment Services, the EPA and The Metropolitan Waste Management Group would answer questions and hear concerns.

Mr Crawly said the council wasn’t in a position to hold community consultation until the tender process had ended.

“It is still in the very early days,” he said.

“The decision hasn’t been made it’s not a fait accompli a lot of things have to be decided before we go ahead with that site.”

In response to concerns about the odour the facility may omit, Mr Crawley said it would need to have sufficient buffer zones and wouldn’t be visible from Sunbury Rd.

“The technology is nothing like the ones at Coldstream or Brooklyn,” Mr Crawly said.

“The EPA won’t approve if it’s impacting the environment.”

Sunbury Residents Association president Bernie O’Farrell said first impressions from the council’s press release implied the site was a done deal.

“They seem to have made up their mind. Our deep fear is that consultation will be a farce,” he said.

Mr O’Farrell said a facility in Coldstream had caused a number of problems in that community.

“Our concern is of similar problems if one opened up in Bulla.”

The talks will be held from 2-4pm and 6-8pm at Jack McKenzie Hall, Green St, Bulla on December 14. More talks are expected in February.

Source: Sunbury Leader:

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