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Chullora shopkeepers angered at rubbish dumping

SHOPKEEPERS in Waterloo Rd, Chullora, say their strip seems to have become an extension of the suburb’s waste and recycling centre.

The streets and footpaths are swamped with rubbish, they say.

Business owners are outraged at the amount of litter being dumped in front of their shops, saying it is “disgusting” and “repulsive”.

They blame Bankstown Council for the build-up of waste, saying their long-term requests to have more bins installed along the footpaths have fallen on deaf ears.

There is only one bin on the strip despite there being at least six takeaway food shops.

A Bankstown Council spokesman said it was aware of the problem and “providing more litter bins could be part of a solution”.

But trader Ehab Afiouny said people also failed to use five skip bins at Hunt Lane.

The Nut Roaster manager said the back of Hunt Lane was particularly disgusting.

“People are just dumping boxes of rubbish, bottles, clothes and furniture there. Every day my dad has to sweep the footpath. We always find the one bin in the strip overflowing with rubbish.”

Jay-Bee’s Dry Cleaning owner Peter Kertebani said there was a bin at the front of his store but the council removed it 1 1/2 years ago.

“People are now throwing their rubbish in front of our shops, in the gaps between the shops and walls, and in our letter boxes,” he said.

“Then we have to clean it up because the council doesn’t care about the area. I’ve called them so many times ... They only send someone to pick up a few papers and it’s never 100 per cent clean.”

A council spokesman said officers patrolled the area and carried out regular cleaning and street sweeping.

“Unfortunately littering and waste dumping does occur. The area in question is subject to heavy pedestrian traffic which adds to littering problems.”

Al-Malek Butchery manager Husam Fakhouri (pictured) said the area was “disgusting and repulsive”.

“We should have at least four bins here and every business should have a plastic bin at the back because people are also dumping rubbish in Hunt Lane,” he said.

“We complained to Cr Khal Asfour but nothing has happened, yet if we have a small sign at the front of the shop the rangers come quickly and threaten us with a fine.”

His neighbour, Abu Salim Supermarket worker Mounzer Chahal, said: “The council has fixed up the streets around Greenacre but not here.

“They’ve really rejected this side of the area and it’s unfair to local shop owners especially because we pay the council the same rates as shop owners in Greenacre so we should receive the same treatment,” he said.


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