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Darebin dumps consuming our streets

Darebin residents drowning in dumped rubbish are calling for more frequent hard waste collection.

Discarded mattresses, old furniture, televisions and household waste dumped in Thornbury and Reservoir have infuriated residents left waiting for Darebin Council to pick them up.

Reservoir’s Annette Sinclair said the council’s current hard waste policy was not working.

Residents can request the council collect up to one cubic metre of hard waste once a year.

“In Seston St, there is dumped rubbish that has been there for two months and I have made a complaint but nothing has happened,” Ms Sinclair said.

Thornbury residents have complained of garbage piling up along Stott St, while Joanne, who did not want her surname used, said a nature strip in Reservoir’s Clingin St was covered with discarded rubbish despite resident complaints.

“It just looks like people who live around here don’t care about their houses,” she said.

Joanne said the council should implement a municipal-wide collection on a nominated day and provide two free vouchers for the tip.

Reservoir resident Keith Coffey said the council needed to help those who could not afford the tip or without transport.

Darebin infrastructure director Geoff Glynn said it offered an annual free hard waste collection, a free computer recycling service, free bundled branch collection and white goods collection. “Council encourages residents to report any incidents of rubbish dumping to council with the details of the items dumped, time, place and any information about who has dumped the rubbish,” he said.

Mr Glynn said dumped rubbish would be removed within five working days unless an investigation was required.

By Suzanne Robson

Source: Northcote Leader

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