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Family's firetrap fear as dumped rubbish threatens Reservoir homes

Vacant land neighbouring Reservoir’s Summerhill Shopping Centre is a firetrap of dumped rubbish and overgrown grass, worried neighbours say.

Anna Cacakios (pictured) said a section of land between the centre and Plenty Rd was a hazard for neighbours who feared piles of dumped rubbish and unmowed grass would be set alight.

She said her childhood home on Summerhill Rd, where her 67-year-old mother lives, would be in the path of arson attempts.

“Mum and her neighbours are scared because someone may set it alight,” Ms Cacakios said.

“The owners could get rid of the grass and fix it up with cement.”

Their fears were exacerbated when two men threw firecrackers on the dumped rubbish last month, causing a small fire.

Resident Laura, whose surname has been withheld, said her family was woken by neighbours, who were alarmed by the burning pile of rubbish. “With sleeping children, we are lucky our neighbours alerted us and my husband was swift on the hose,” she said.

Ms Cacakios said a section of the land had been maintained, but the other side was derelict with vacant shops occupied by squatters. She said she had called Darebin Council six times in the past few years but they could not tell her who owned the land. “Recently some rubbish was cleared, but since then more rubbish has been dumped.”

Aldi spokeswoman Zara D’Cotta said it owned some of the land, but maintained it regularly and mowed the grass.

“Rubbish that was previously dumped on the Aldi-owned site has been removed and a construction fence was erected to prevent this happening again,” Ms D’Cotta said.


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