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Glen Eira residents are wasting away

GLEN Eira householders are among the state’s worst recyclers, says Sustainability Victoria.

The new local government annual survey shows the area ranked 53 of all 79 municipalities for its recycling rate from rubbish collections in 2008-09.

Just 33 per cent of all household waste was recycled, or 10 per cent below the state average.

Glen Eira residents recycled 258kg of waste per household but the state average was 283kg.

Glen Eira Environment Group spokesman Paul Caine said the results were an improvement on previous years.

The rate would improve further after a council initiative to downsize to smaller rubbish bins from 240 litres to 120 litres in July, Mr Caine said.

The figure was coming off a very low base, he said.

“There has been a huge take-up of the 120-litre bins, so with the smaller bins hopefully more should go into the recycling bins,” Mr Caine said.

“We won’t really know that until they’ve been there for a year.”

Council community services director Peter Jones said there were more than 20 actions in its environmental sustainability strategy aimed at working with the community to reduce waste.

But there were always opportunities for households to recycle more, Mr Jones said.

“Residents can avoid products with excessive packaging, reuse or donate goods, ensure recyclable material is always put in the recycle bin and take up the council’s green waste service,” he said.

Source: Caulfield Glen Eira Leader

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