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Happy to be green in Boroondara

Boroondara has been ranked as one of the best when it comes to recycling.

Latest figures from Sustainability Victoria show that Boroondara Council had a 51 per cent diversion rate, recycling almost half of the community’s waste.

The council was ranked 11th out of Victoria’s 79 local governments, generating 386kg of recyclables for every household compared to the state average of 283kg.

About 550kg of household garbage are disposed of annually.

But Lighter Footprints convener and Canterbury resident Carolyn Ingvarson said the ranking was “not high enough”.

“Why aren’t we at the top of the list?” Ms Ingvarson said.

“We shouldn’t be complacent about thinking we can just dump stuff into the landfill.

“Every time you put rubbish out think that that piece has an impact,” she said.

Boroondara Mayor Jack Wegman said he was “pretty happy” with the results.

“Boroondara residents are great recyclers - we rank fourth in the state for recyclables generated and 11th in the state for diverting waste from landfill.”

“We are very pleased with the results and note that there has been an improvement from the previous year.

“We also acknowledge we can still do more and we are working very hard with our community to encourage waste wise practices.”

Monash Council topped the list with 57 per cent recycled while Golden Plains Shire Council recycled just 15 per cent.

Source: Progress Leader:

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