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Ins, outs of trash

A group of Maroondah residents had a second look at the paper, hard plastics and other items people throw in the recycling bin last Wednesday.

The guided bus tour of the recycling centre in Lilydale was open to the public and run in conjunction with EnviroCom and Maroondah City Council for National Recycling Week, which ran from November 8-14.

Warranwood resident Anne Keegel, one of 12 visitors to the recycling centre, said it was a great insight to see what happened to recyclable waste.

"I came along out of interest. I think it's quite an important process and obviously I've never seen the process before to it was interesting," she said.

Maroondah Council's waste education officer Alicia McArdle said the two tours scheduled for last week booked out quickly, with many residents curious about what happens to their recyclables.

"People are not sure where their recycling goes or they've heard about it but have never seen the facility," Ms McArdle said.

"So it's good for them to be able to see the process rather than perhaps think, 'oh it just all goes to landfill'. They can see that it does actually get recycled and made into new things."


Source: Maroondah Weekly:

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