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MobileMuster tops

Waverley College Junior School has been recognised for its recycling efforts which recently saved more than 10kg of harmful mobile-phone waste from landfill.

In June the Courier reported that about 80 students at the school had formed the Environment Group and successfully campaigned to install recycling bins in the grounds.

Now the school has been ranked among top collectors in the MobileMuster School Recycling Program, with Waverley student Luca Reins named top student collector in NSW. Luca managed to round up 22 handsets between February and June and will be rewarded with a $100 environmental book pack.

Two teachers at Waverley College who are involved with the Environment Group, Kendall Robinson and Jasmin Dworschak, said they were very proud of Luca and everyone who took part in the campaign.

Mr Robinson said the group would continue campaigning for a school vegetable garden and native tree-planting program, and pressure the McDonald’s fast-food chain to establish a recycling system.

The next round of the MobileMuster challenge has begun with more than 500 schools signed up.

Any business or individual looking to support the school’s Environmental Group should call 9387 5022.

Source: Wentworth Courier

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