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Make money from old metal

Many people dispose of their metal at waste transfer stations and pay for the ‘privilege’ of doing so.


A more lucrative alternative is to recycle their metal at any Sims Metal Management outlet and get paid for it.


Sims Metal Management was founded in Australia in 1917 and has many recycling centres throughout Australia to help the community with its recycling needs.


Many of us have unused items lying around the house that can be turned into cash such as the disused bike with a flat tyre that was never repaired, a vintage washing machine that was probably inherited or left over from an upgrade or old wheel rims from a car long ago consigned to the tip.


Other ‘junk’ that could be worth a dollar includes spare automotive batteries that can no longer be charged, extension leads that are gathering dust or are no longer safe to use, old tools, the broken down lawnmower or an old fridge.


You can literally get paid to clean out your garage of your unwanted metal and metal products!


Recycling metal also has great environmental benefits.


Steel, in theory, is eternally recyclable. It has been estimated that recycled steel – compared to steel manufactured from virgin materials – uses 74 per cent less energy and 40 per cent less water, reduces air pollution by 86 per cent and water pollution by 76 per cent.


Along with the visible environmental benefits that are derived from the recycling process, recycling your metal means you can offset your own carbon footprint.


Although an inherently green company, Sims Metal Management is looking at ways in which to reduce its own carbon footprint through initiatives such as energy reductions, switching to green energy and purchasing carbon offsets.


Sims Metal Management has a strong commitment to the environment, sustainability and the health of the communities in which it does business.


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