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Do you feel that Penrith Council’s bins policy is now working for you?

Donna Bird, Glenmore Park: It’s really stupid. The bins are always overflowing; it’s not enough to clear them every fortnight. They’re not big enough. We are a family of four. It’s become that bad we had to get a mini-skip bin. I even take some of the stuff over to my parents’ place.

Renee Quinn, Penrith: I don’t think there are enough bins around; you’ve always got to carry your rubbish home. The green bins are all right, but they should be cleared every week, not every second week. I don’t mind recycling, but the bins should definitely be emptied once a week.

Gordon Swain, Kingswood Park: It’s not worth it. It’s a silly idea; rubbish is rubbish. If you put it in the bins it goes out. It’s all right for glass and bottles, but this goes too far. Who wants to sit there sorting through their food scraps? You cook it then get to sort it out? C’mon!

Source: Penrith City Star

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