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Cleaning Port Melbourne to St Kilda is Monkey business

The Coast Monkeys are keeping fit and running to save the environment.

Every week members of this non-profit organisation run the beach from Port Melbourne to St Kilda, collecting rubbish on the way.

President James Talbot, 22, says the Coast Monkeys are out to promote environmental awareness in the community.

“Our main aim is to normalise the problem of rubbish and manage environmental concerns. Anybody can jump on board,” he said.

“We also hold school sessions to educate students on the problem of rubbish.”

The group recently had basketball star Chris Anstey and Olympic softball silver medallist Natalie Titcume ran for this great cause.

Talbot hopes to spark a renewed attitude of the environment.

“Even if it’s something small, how much harder is it to bend down and pick up rubbish. Imagine if the thousands of people who ran picked up rubbish, the affect it would have on their friends, and friends of friends.”

Source: Port Phillip Leader

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