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Recyclable garbage isn't wasted: Sydney Council

Sydney Council has denied residents’ claims that waste collector URM has been dumping recycled rubbish with general rubbish in the one truck.

“The City received a complaint from a Kings Cross resident last week which included a number of photos believed to show URM workers putting recyclable materials into a garbage truck,” a council spokesperson said. “The bins in the photos were recycling bins and were being emptied into a recycling truck which was then taken to the recycling facility.”

Jo Holder, president of the Darlinghurst Residents Action Group, said she had seen waste being mixed together.

“I’ve seen them myself and I know many other people have seen them as well, throwing all the rubbish together into one section of the truck,” Ms Holder said.

Locals are blaming the council’s decision to cut costs and change from its garbage collection company of many years, Veolia, to URM, which slashed workers’ wages by $200 a week.

“Most residents are pretty disgusted by the way the council is abusing the rights of the garbage workers and the resulting loss in local garbage services,” Ms Holder said.

Greens candidate for the seat of Sydney, De Brierley Newton, also criticised the council for cost cutting. A council spokesperson said that all the tenders, including URM and Veolia, indicated they would pay workers the NSW and Federal awards.

Source: Central Sydney:

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