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'Disgusted' by rubbish-dumping in Kentlyn

For the past 12 months, Michael Fowler has noticed a spate illegal rubbish-dumping in Kentlyn — and last week he'd had enough.

Plastic chairs, baby cots, rubbish and building waste were disposed of in bushland.

Mr Fowler said he bought his acreage property four years ago for tranquillity but dumpers had ruined the area.

"Small trucks come into Kentlyn and basically dump landfill," he said. "The other day there were bricks and tiles dumped nearby.

"At night time, Kentlyn has no street lights and the place becomes a public dumping area. We've had insulation batts dumped here and a whole heap of building waste."

Campbelltown Council provides residents with four free yearly kerb-side pick-up services.

Mr Fowler said people needed to take advantage of the services to minimise dumping in rural areas.

"I am disgusted," he said.

"We bought in this area because of the rural aspect and the fact that it was close to the city.

"We have koalas and even kangaroos in this area and people are spoiling that by dumping their rubbish. The council has to spend resources, which can be very costly, on people who illegally dump rubbish."

Mr Fowler said he had a message for the culprits: "I think I speak for 99 per cent of the population when I say this — take your rubbish to the tip yourself."

The council pick-up service is for bulky household items that cannot be placed in the general waste, recycling or garden organics bins for collection.

Items suitable for collection include toys, beds, mattresses, old furniture, white goods and household electrical appliances.

¦For more information, or to book a free clean-up service, contact the council on 4645 4645

Anyone with information on illegal dumping should contact Campbelltown police, 4620 1199 or Macquarie Fields police, 9605 0499.

Source: Campbelltown Macarthur Advertiser:

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