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Estate of disgrace in Melton West

A MELTON West resident says complaints about rubbish dumping at a new housing estate have fallen on deaf ears.

Arnolds Creek estate resident Paul, who did not want his surname published, said a reserve in Panorama Drive was a dumping ground for rubbish, including building materials, a barbecue and a blackboard.

A resident of nearby Merrystowe Way, Paul said he had complained several times to Melton Council and the land developer since June 2009 but the problem had not been fixed.

“We just want something done. It’s a dump” he said. “If people see that they are not going to look after their own houses. It gives the area a bad image and it devalues our homes.

“They (the estate) have got covenants on everything.

“You have to have so-much brick visage, driveways and gardens have to be done within six months of you moving, and you’ve got to live by those regulations.

“Yet they can’t get the end of the street right.”

Graeme Toomey, of Arnolds Creek Land Sales, acknowledged that dumping was a problem but said work was being done to fix the issue.

“It is a never-ending battle to continually clean up rubbish dumping on new estates from residents within and outside the estate.

“If you were to see the truckloads of concrete and dirt and rubbish dumped here you would be amazed. However all of that area is currently being cleaned up and the developer is doing its best to complete a $4.8 million community centre with tennis and basketball court and clean up and landscape the creeks, wetlands and parks.” Melton Council’s leisure services manager, Adam Boyle, said the area was the developer’s responsibility to manage, develop and maintain until it was handed over to the council.

“The reserve appears to have been improved significantly over the last fortnight with rubbish removal and ... landscaping of the linear reserve along Arnolds Creek,” he said.

“Council officers will continue to work with the developer to ensure that the reserve is kept to a satisfactory condition prior to handover to council.”

Source: Melton Leader

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