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City of Sydney Waste Collection

This reponse is in relation to the article "Direct from TWU, Sydney’s waste service in crisis"

The City of Sydney provides high quality and reliable waste collection services.

The City of Sydney makes in excess of 90,000 waste collection services per week, which keep the City clean.

The claims made in your article are untrue.

The City determines, by a transparent and open tendering process, who operates garbage collection in the Local Government Area.

In appointing the winning tenderer, ensuring the continuation of a high quality collection service was paramount.

The City receives around 20 complaints per week about garbage collecrion, to which we respond promptly, and act to solve any issues within 24 hours of the complaint.

New waste collection contractor URM has negotiated with the union regarding workers formerly employed by the previous contractor and the City has met with the union.

Any claim that City streets are littered with rubbish or that garbage is piling up in the streets is ridiculous and utterly without foundation.

By City of Sydney

Source: Street Corner Sydney

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