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Direct from TWU, Sydney’s waste service in crisis, residents worse off and wages cut

Sydney’s waste service in crisis, Residents ripped off, workers lose $200 per week

Streetcorner believes in supporting a new kind of political dialogue by facilitating direct dialogue between locals, community groups and politicians. To this end, we’ve decided to bring you ‘Direct From’ updates, which are from government or politicians offices so you can make up your own mind about your elected representatives achievements and policies.

In this case, this “Direct from” update is news from the Transport Workers Union, who are protesting against new garbage contracts which have reduced the wages of workers and a plan to reduce by City of Sydney Council and Clover Moore to reduce the number of garbage workers in the City.


“Sydney’s waste service is in crisis, with residents being ripped off and workers losing up to $200 per week – and the crisis is spreading to councils throughout Sydney as council contracts change hands.

TWU State Secretary Wayne Forno said, ”Clover Moore claims Sydney is the ‘global city’ and should set the standard for others to follow – but she’s blatantly ignored residents’ and workers’ calls to fix the garbage crisis in City of Sydney, where due to her taking on a low cost garbage contract with URM this year:

- workers lost their jobs and were offered them back at $200 per week less; and

- residents are fed up with missed garbage collection, environmental hazards with garbage piling up in streets in Sydney’s densest urban area.

“Instead of leading the way, City of Sydney has failed residents in their most basic services such as garbage collection, while Clover Moore recklessly spends $76 million on Burke St cycle way, $8.5 million to concrete Rushcutters Bay Park and now wants to spend tens of millions on digging up parks at Fitzroy Gardens.

“And wait until you hear about her latest plan for Sydney’s garbage service – an expensive sci-fi scheme to cut out workers altogether – and who is going to foot the bill, the residents?

“Given that she can’t even provide a basic waste service for Sydney residents or decent conditions and proper pay for the local workforce, her latest scheme is ridiculous.

“We are taking our fight to councils around Sydney,” said Mr Forno. “Progressive councils are leading the way and ensuring the ongoing quality of their garbage service and workers’ pay and conditions, and some aren’t. For the ones who aren’t, we’re taking the fight to them next.” “

Source: Street Corner Sydney -

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