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Wits and giggles: Australia's silliest business names

A Salt and Battery. A not-so-flaky criminal charge, or the clever name of a fish 'n' chippery in Brisbane? It's a business that will no doubt give your fish a good grilling, if nothing else.

When it comes to witty business names, laconic Australia has its fair share, and the fish 'n' chip shops ain't the only ones sometimes getting a little salty.

Take Camel-Tow tilt tray service in central Victoria, or the Bada Bing strip club in Sydney's not-so-classy Kings Cross.

Not as bad perhaps as the Kiwis, who boast grog trade distributor Beaver Liquor. Or hot Poms, who call on air conditioning service Stiff Nipples.

Hairdressing has always sparked plenty of cutting quips, one of the old favourites being Curl Up & Dye, inspired by a scene from cult flick The Blues Brothers. A quick search shows more than a handful of them bobbing around our nation, most noticabley the salon in Humpty Doo, Northern Territory. Then there's Goldilocks Hair Extensions, any salon beginning with the words Hair Today, or Shear - a la Shear Elegance, Shear Cuts and Shear Designz. Surely they all run short of one of the best-named salons in the world, Toronto's Grateful Head.

Back to grub, and Chinese food is the rhythm at Cairns restaurant Wok Around the Clock, while Melbourne restaurant Lentil as Anything serves it up to the veggos.

Running a practically minded business has never been a detriment to a name with a little pizazz - take dog and cat groomers (and obvious Acca Dacca fans) Dirty Dogs Done Dirt Cheap, or nationwide waste removal service, Trailer Trash.

Portable loo business Splashdown, which has some of the most famous S-bends in Australia thanks to movie Kenny, has more to its name than meets the eye. The name Splashdown was originally registered for a water amusement park which never got off the ground.

Finally, there's pun-lovin' tank supplier Tanks a Lot, and linen shop Holy Sheet.

But one of the cutest business names in the nation has to be Queensland sparky service Electricity Bill - run by a bloke called, you guessed it, Bill.


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