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Scheme to turn trash into cash

A 10 cent deposit on bottles, cans and cartons has been proposed in a national scheme that would help Australians recycle much more of their waste.

The Australian Greens have introduced legislation, following a 2008 inquiry into container deposit legislation that reported back to the Council of Australian Governments.

Senator Scott Ludlam said there was no progress in the year that followed, in which time Australians used another 11 billion containers - mainly glass bottles and aluminium cans.

Attaching a 10 cent value to a drink container meant it was no longer seen as rubbish.

"If someone does litter a 10 cent container, someone else will pick it up," he said.

"You wouldn't toss a silver coin on the ground."

The Greens say the scheme would be self-funding, and would leave the government with a $89 million surplus per year.

This would be spent on new recycling and reprocessing facilities, creating jobs, economic growth, and cutting waste to landfill.

Debate on the Environment Protection (Beverage Container Deposit and Recovery Scheme) Bill 2010 was adjourned today.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald -

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