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Trashed yard has residents fuming in Randwick

Randwick residents have turned up their noses at a house in Randwick that resembles a rubbish tip.

Residents are concerned about the state of the front yard of a premises on a social housing estate which is littered with tonnes of garbage including a shopping trolley, suitcase, boxes and a lot of other general rubbish.

Guy (surname withheld), a resident in a nearby street who has lived in the area for more than two years, said the front of the house had been in bad condition for at least two years.

“It is infected with vermin,” he said. “I called Housing three times in the last four weeks and they say they will take look at it but nothing has changed.”

But a Housing NSW spokesman said although public housing tenants were required, under their tenancy agreement, to ‘clean and maintain their property to a reasonable standard,’ the department was working with the tenant to assist him to address the issues on property care.

The spokesman said action would be taken against the tenant if the situation did not improve.

“Staff have conducted an inspection and have reported there are no vermin in the premises,” he said. “Housing NSW has advised the tenant that it will commence action in the Consumer, Trader and Tenancy Tribunal should progress not be made.”

Source: Southern Courier

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