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Residents urged to use the right bin

Each year Liverpool residents dispose of enough rubbish to fill all lanes of the M5 from the Hammondville tollbooth to Camden Valley Way nearly 2m deep.

And in an effort to manage this huge amount of rubbish, Liverpool Council will soon start another round of bin inspections to stamp out bin contamination.

Bin contamination is the term used to describe wrong items being put in the wrong bins by residents.

Household waste from single-unit dwellings will be monitored over a six-week period and bins will only be inspected after they have been placed on the kerbside ready for collection.

Liverpool Mayor Wendy Waller said the first inspection program, which ran from March to April, was successful in reducing contamination.

“For this inspection program different areas will be selected to help council gather valuable information about common contaminants that are being placed in recycling and green waste bins,” Cr Waller said.

“It’s also an opportunity to give positive feedback and advice to residents to help improve their recycling habits.

“The wrong materials placed in just one bin can contaminate an entire truckload and could ultimately lead to an increase in the domestic waste charge for residents.”

Council waste education contract staff will be conducting the program.

Residents who have had their bins inspected will be notified by letter on the day of the inspection.

The program has been implemented as a result of data feedback that some areas within the Liverpool area are contributing a high level of contaminants to the recycling and garden waste collections.

For more information call the council’s customer contact centre on 1300 362 170.


* The yellow lid bin is for recyclables such as paper, cardboard, cereal boxes, plastic containers, plastic drink bottles (no plastic bags or bin liners).

* The green lid bin is for garden waste such as grass clippings, shrubs, small twigs and branches.

* The red lid bin is for general household rubbish such as food scraps, plastic bags, nappies, foam, broken glass and crockery.

By Bianca Lipari

Source: Liverpool Leader

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