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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of skip bin type do I need?

This all depends on the type of rubbish you are going to put in the skip bin.

General Waste is typically anything involved with a “general cleanup around the house” and that is neither liquid nor of a hazardous nature. Heavy waste skip bins are made for concrete, dirt, sand, clay, rocks, rubble, and bricks. This type of waste is only allowed in Trailer Trash skips in very small quantities.

Trailer Trash accepts green waste which includes the following: grass, leaves, tree trimmings, small branches and other organic materials.

See the Trailer Trash Waste Types.

Why Are the Trailer Trash Skip Bins

Simply, our running costs are lower. Our bins are delivered with cars, which are much less expensive to run than trucks. Also, we only need to go to the disposal site once in every 15 loads, whereas traditional skip companies must take every load to the disposal site - and these sites are often located a long way from where the skip bin is picked up from.

What Are Dimensions of the Trailer Trash Skips and Trailers

The dimensions and sizes of our bins and trailers can be found on our Skip Bin Sizes page.

I don’t know what size skip bin I need?

Our website provides drawings of our skip bin sizes and shapes to help you select. 80% of our customers need one 4 cubic metre skip bin, whilst 10% need an additional one, and 10% of people don’t completely fill the first one.

Do I have to take the rubbish to the tip myself?

No. Our price includes us delivering the skip bin to you, taking it away, and getting rid of the rubbish for you. So all you have to do is load it up and leave it to us.

How much does it cost to hire a skip bin?

It depends on the size of the skip bin, your particular requirements and the state or city you are in. A lot of the disposal cost of waste is determined by State Governments and their waste levies. Levies vary significantly around Australia.

How long can I keep the skip bin?

Our skip bin standard prices include 3 days to fill the bin. Additional days can be selected but this incurs an extra cost. Our web booking portal shows prices based on the number of days you require the skip bin. A standard booking is for 3 days.

What if I’m not finished with the skip bin by pick-up day?

If you have not finished with the skip bin, please advise your local Trailer Trash franchisee as soon as possible. The franchisee's details will have been sent to you by text when you made your booking and by email. Provided the trailer skip bin has not been assigned to another job, we will try to accommodate you, but please note that extra-day fees may be charged.

How can I pay for the skip bin?

Skip bin orders are paid for at the time of ordering on the website. We accept payment by Visa and Mastercard, over our secure server.  If you wish to pay by cash please contact our office on 1300 887 274 and this can usually be arranged. Cash jobs must be paid for on delivery.

For corporate customers we have account facilities. Please contact our office for an account application.

How much weight can I put in the skip bin?

For every cubic metre of bin you are allowed to add 150kg of waste. (A 4 cubic metre skip bin can take 600kg of waste.) We are charged tip fees based on weight. If your skip bin exceeds this weight we may charge you additional tipping fees at the rate of $20 per 100kg.

Please note that heavy waste weighs one tonne per cubic metre. Loading a Trailer Trash skip bin with heavy waste could lead to extra tipping fees of more than $200. Please contact us if you are unsure about the waste you have going into the bin.

How high can I fill the skip bin?

Skip bins should not be filled any higher than the top of its sides. The lids must be able to fully close to insure prevention of spillage of material from the skip bin either while stationary or in transit. Spilled contents can be extremely dangerous on roads, and is bad for the environment.

What do I do with hazardous chemicals?

You cannot put any hazardous waste into the skip bins. To dispose of this you need to contact your local council. Hazardous chemicals include Solvents, Paints, Acids, Laboratory Waste, Oils, Grease traps etc. See our page for Accepted Waste Types.

Will a Trailer Trash skip bin be able to get up my drive?

If you can get a car up your drive, then we can almost always get one of our skip bins into the space. Occasionally gates are too narrow for us to enter. Your gates need to be 2.4m wide for us to comfortably get our skip bin into place. In some inner suburbs of capital cities we find that driveways are narrow, particularly in houses built before 1940. If you have a narrow driveway, it is worth measuring.

Also note, however, that Trailer Trash skip bins are mounted on road-registered trailers and can therefore be parked in the street as any trailer can, without needing a council permit (provided parking restrictions are followed).

Do you service business and commercial customers?

We service many businesses and commercial customers across Australia. For an account application please contact our office on 1300 887 274.

Can I get a skip delivered on Sunday?

You can order a skip bin for Sunday delivery using Trailer, however the choice of suppliers will be limited. If possible request the skip bin to be delivered on the Friday or Saturday prior.

Can I hire a year round bin from Trailer Trash?

At the moment this is not a service that we are able to offer. We intend to offer this service in the future.

How much notice do I need to give when ordering my skip?

We can often deliver a skip bin within a few hours of ordering, however, giving us 24 hours notice will insure that your skip bin is delivered on time. If drivers schedules are heavily booked then we may have trouble getting a bin to you very quickly.

Also note that at times – particularly on weekends – our skips bins can be completely booked out. For weekend bookings, please try to book by the Wednesday night before the weekend.

How Much?

For information on the price of our skips click on the various cities we service below to go to the pricing page: