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Trailer Trash mobile skip bins

Trailer Trash mobile skip bins have advantages over regular skips,but they also have advantages over junk removal services.

Our bins:

- have lockable lids that stop others using your skip bin
- they are gentle on driveways and nature strips,
- if parked in the street don't require a council permit in most cases, and
- they cost less because we have more efficient means of transport and disposal.

But aside from all of that our skips are more convenient. We can;

- place them closer to your rubbish, so you don't have to carry your waste so far,
- locate them in underground car parks,
- use rear lanes to access car ports and garages

Trailer Trash Mobile Skip Bins - Efficient, Economical, Convenient & Great Prices.

Trailer Trash Mobile Skip Hire


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Trailer Trash Mobile Skip Bins are available Melbourne metropolitain.

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- They are less expensive. Our unique system allows us to transport and store waste more efficiently,which means that our skip bins cost less to hire.

- A s our skip bins are mounted on a registered trailer, as a result they don’t generally require a permit, which in major cities can save up to $100! (The trailers must,however, confirm with normal parking restrictions.)

- The Trailer Trash skip bins have lids that can be locked down. This means you can padlock the lids so they can’t be used by anyone other than the hirer.

- Our skip bins can be moved around worksites, in and out of driveways and can therefore be located next to, or close to the rubbish being removed so that you don’t have to carry the waste as far.

Trailer Trash mobile skip bin benefits

  1. Lower Prices -No Council Permits required out on the street.
  2. Lockable Lids
  3. Simply use your padlock to stop naughty neighbours.
  4. Access down tight lanes and drives.
  5. On time delivery and pick up
  6. No damage to driveways
  7. Will fit into most carports, garages and underground car parks